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3 min readDec 28, 2022


After months of planning and implementation with the aim of increasing game experience and magnetism, PlanetSandbox finally released its newest features in December 2023. After bringing users from Fragment and Supply Box, this article will describe more about the last new feature in this December update.

The newly released feature — Booster.

Boosters give players unique advantages in the game and increase the chances of winning the battles for survival. Using boosters also diversifies players’ tactics to win against other players.

Boosters are designed as consumable items and can be bought directly in the game. Players can easily access the booster menu in the Inventory to buy and equip boosters.

How do boosters work?

In the December update version, there are three boosters that are available to use in the battles. There will be more boosters released in the future. Let’s head up for the first three available.

Frozen Bullet

Frozen Bullet Booster — your attacks slow enemies down by 50% for 2 seconds; the booster can apply to any gun.

Being slow by the enemy’s frozen bullets.

With this booster, you can take effect on the enemy with the auto rifle weapon and strike them off with the sniper rifle, or you can slow the enemy down and find a better spot if you’re low in health. It all depends on your choice and strategies.

Frozen bullet’s current price is 1 $PSB each

Angel Wings

Angel wings give players a second chance after being defeated. Players will transform into ghosts for a short period; during this time, you cannot be attacked or attack other players.

You will revive with 50% health after a few seconds. Remember that other players can still see you in ghost form, so find a suitable location to not be in the enemy’s sight when you respawn.

Angel Wings booster is definitely robust support for players when taking part in intense battles, providing you another chance to survive, and costs only 1.9 $PSB. You should note that once the game starts, the angle wing will be counted as used no matter whether It is triggered or not.

Angle Wings Booster is taking effect — ghost form.


Marked booster helps to show enemies that attack you for 15 seconds. This makes it easier for you to find the enemy’s location. You can determine the direction and position of the enemy with the red icon or open the map.

Marked booster reveals the enemy’s location.

Marked booster shows its advantage in battles that include abrupt terrains, especially for the newly released map — Desert. Players can purchase the marked booster at the price of 1 $PSB.

Which boosters do you prefer to use in the battle, or do you want to use all of them? There’s a tip for beginners or who are new to PlanetSandbox. We’ll have various events in the game that allow players to accumulate the boosters for free. The most recent one is the “Christmas Tournament — Gear Up & Earn”, take a look at this event here!

Christmas Event — Gear Up & Earn

So, do you think booster has a significant impact on the game? Watch full updates!

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