Development Progress Update — Q2 2022

We would like to have some updates on development progress and activities:

• Add-in economical earning function in-game:
- Prizes for each match will be the most analogous to mainnet for Battle Royale mode
- You will be able to estimate ROI soon
- Estimated time: in May

  • Testnet Earning Championship Leaderboard:
Demo Testnet Championship

An intriguing event for gamers, you’ll get prizes every week for being in TOP Weekly Earner in Testnet. Ready to compete with other players?

  • Add-in E-sport Feature (coming soon):

The customizable amount of teams and players, select maps, and spectator mode.

This feature is for tournaments and e-sport; we will hold many events in the future for game guilds and communities to play and experience PlanetSandbox with glamorous rewards.

This feature allows you to create your room and play with friends as well.

  • Demo Dapp/Marketplace Testnet Release

Finally, we are in the last progression of testing and developing Dapp/Marketplace. The test version will be released soon, within May.

• New website UI

A brand new UI for the website with more information & visualization is also coming soon.

  • New Feature:

Booster in-game, skins for champions are also in the research and development phase.

Lots of things are coming. You’d better be ready!!!

About Planet Sandbox

PlanetSandbox is a 3D NFT play2earn shooting sandbox game. We got two main game modes: the first one is shooting mode, where players can pick up their weapons and compete with others in intriguing game modes such as battle royale, zombie defense; the building mode is the next phase where the player can acquire a land piece, which is called a sandbox in our game, customize it to facilitate others to join in their land and play there.

• Since 10/2021, we raised a total of 1,950,000 $USD successfully

• First INO revenue 350 BNB

Staking program Ver 1 launch with a total of 408,419 SPSB

• Around 6000 holders continuously support PlanetSandbox

• PlanetSandbox is backed by NGC Ventures, Icetea Labs, Exnetwork Capital, Momentum 6, Basics Capital, Kyros Ventures, Good Games Guild

• Listed on and PancakeSwap





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