Development update: New Match Making Mechanism in Battle Royale Game Mode

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3 min readFeb 27, 2023

Get ready for a new era of battle royale! PlanetSanbox have just introduced a revolutionary matchmaking mechanism that will change the way players compete against each other. Our team has been hard at work developing a system that will make the game more intense and intriguin while also giving users more opportunities to try out our powerful NFT weapons and champions.

The new rule will take place soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

Limiting NFT Players Playing Against Bots

One of the biggest problems in the game was the inflation caused by NFT players playing against bots. With the new mechanism, NFT players will play against others and bots instead of with bots only, allowing for a more balanced and fair gameplay. This might take the match making time longer than usual.

Split Timeline: Golden Earn Event and Sandbox Time

The game will now be split into “Golden Earn Event” and “Sandbox Time”. During Golden Earn Event, players can use NFTs to play and earn. While during Sandbox Time, players can stilluse their NFTs, but it will not count as a earn battle (Free-To-Play). The timing for each event is set in liveops and can be changed based on player behavior and region changes.

Golden Earn Event

Players in the Golden Earn Event can earn NFTs. Matchmaking is no longer restricted to only 5 minutes, but at least 2 NFT players are required in the queue to start a match.

Free players are freely matched with other free players and bots, and if 5 minutes pass, they are automatically matched with bots to fill the room. NFT players, on the other hand, are matched with other NFT players, and at least 2 NFT players are required for a match to start.

NFT Item Used in Event Time

NFT items used during the event will cost a usage charge (similar to the current system). Booster users are not counted as NFT players but as free players instead. To be counted as an NFT player, a player must equip an NFT item, such as champions or weapons.

Item Created by Fragment

Items created by fragments are usable during both events and are counted as NFT items. Players using fragment items are counted as NFT players.

Free to Play Event

During free to play time, all players are counted as free players, and NFT items will not be counted and can be freely used without losing charges. Boosters are disabled during free play events. Supply boxes are available during free play events.


With the new matchmaking mechanism, players will experience a fair and balanced gameplay, this also help the economic model to be more sustainable, especially when we have a plan to publish on Google Play and Apple Store.

The new split timeline will allow players to choose between earning money and playing for fun. The Golden Earn Event will provide opportunities for players to earn NFTs, while the Sandbox Time will provide a no-pressure and relaxing gameplay. Get ready to experience a new era of battle royale!

Please note that this rule might be adjusted before it released for the best experience and benefits for our users. We will have an update soon!

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