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3 min readDec 19, 2022

After months of planning and implementation with the aim of increasing game experience and magnetism, PlanetSandbox finally released its newest features in December 2023. For the December big updates, there’s a huge improvement in gameplay, also with the 3 big features: Fragment, Booster, and Supply Box.

PlanetSandbox’s New Feature — Fragment

Fragment Feature Overview

Deep dive into the Fragment Feature — which can be acquired through playing the game or claiming event rewards, the fragments are designed to be assembled into a temporary weapon/champion. More like small pieces of them, collecting these components allows you to use temporary weapons or champions to play with a limited-time use.

Fragment Menu in the game’s client.

You can still earn with the temporary weapons/champions, but It will not be available to upgrade, withdraw or trade them on the marketplace. After a specific number of battles, this item will disappear.

How to use the Fragment Feature

You can easily access the fragment feature by clicking the inventory button and finding the fragments in the left menu.

Each temporary weapon/champion required a specific amount of fragments to “BUIDL”. The amounts depend on each rarity; the rarer it is, the more required components.

The assembled fragments will be visible in the Weapon menu with the tag “Temporary”. Remember to equip the weapons or champions to be able to play & earn.

How to get Fragments

There are a variety of ways to acquire these fragments. Playing the game and finishing the missions will give you chances to get them.

Daily Login for the Christmas Event

Another way is to join in the marketing event on social media. Make sure that you follow our Official Channels for the latest news.

You can also get the fragment by opening the supply box — a newly developed feature to increase the game’s magnetism and experience to not only web3 but also traditional gamers.

New Feature — Supply Box

Check out “What is the Supply Box feature?

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