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Welcome to PlanetSandbox Christmas Tournament — Gear Up & Earn, as the Festive Season is starting to bloom, we want to hold a Massive Christmas Tournament for our beloved community. With a total of $75,000 rewards pool, there are various rewards, including $PSB tokens, fragments, boosters & NFTs, that are ahead and waiting for you to achieve.

PlanetSandbox Christmas Tournament — Gear Up & Earn

Christmas Tournament — Gear Up & Earn Details

Celebrating this upcoming Christmas and New year 2023, the Tournament allows gamers stand opportunities to win valuable rewards in the pool worth $75,000$.

As the name “Gear Up & Earn” stands for, players need to participate in the battles and fight against others to complete in-game missions. There are three aspects to achieving the prizes:

  • Daily Login: Easily log in and claim the rewards
  • Mission System: Complete the event missions
  • Top Socks Collectors: Play & Achieve Christmas Socks from battles

The Tournament is planned to begin at 7 a.m UTC on 23rd December 2022 and last for 15 days until 7 a.m 6th January 2023, PlanetSandbox players DON’T need to own any NFT to participate in.

By finishing all the missions in these three aspects, each player will be able to earn a tremendous amount of rewards worth 2,500 $PSB on average, including $PSB, boosters, fragments, and NFTs. The reward pool is limited to 1,000 players.

Claim rewards from Daily Login

Daily Login & Rewards

Players can access the event panel by clicking the “Event” button on the top right corner of the game client. Don’t forget to “Claim” the reward every day, or It will be counted as a late claim on the next day.

In case you missed it and still want to get the rewards, you’ll need to use a small amount of $PSB (starting from 1 $PSB) to claim them back. Remember that you can late claim in the event time only.

Players also receive extra rewards by logging in every day. By fully logging in and claiming for 15 days, players will get more than 50 items, such as boosters and fragments from various kinds of weapons and champions. This will help you increase the chance to win in the battles and more opportunities to earn with the fragments assembling.

Claim the rewards from Missions

Over the Tournament of 15 days, there is a series of missions for players to participate in and claim once they complete.

There are 4 main types of missions, each has 4 bonus milestones which are:

  • Finish Survival Match: Join the battles and fight against other players
  • Eliminate other players: Immerse in the intense battle royale, use your skills, and engage in more fights
  • Use boosters: Use the advantages of boosters, and combine them with a fight strategy to win
  • Win matches: Being the last man standing to finish this mission

Each type of mission has 4 specific milestones to get the corresponding rewards. By finishing the series, Santa Scorpion will reward you with 1,000 $PSB and nearly 200 fragments and boosters, which are worth more than 2,500 $PSB in total. There are only 1,000 gifts for the first 1,000 players to claim the rewards, so don’t waste your time, Download & Play NOW!

Being in the TOP Christmas Socks Collectors

Finishing the match provides you with a chance to get the Christmas Socks from Santa Scorpion. The higher your rank is, the more opportunities you have to get the socks.

Rewards for the TOP 3 Collectors:

  • Top 1: A Legendary NFT worth 3,800 $PSB
  • Top 2: A Mythical Champion NFT worth 1,800 $PSB
  • Top 3: An Uncommon Champion NFT worth 1,000 $PSB

Participation Notes:

  • Any fraudulent behavior to exploit our rewards/game system is NOT allowed and will be banned without any notice.
  • Players can claim the reward directly in-game
  • Within 3 days after the event, players can still claim the accumulative login bonus but cannot use the late login, missions will stop recording progression.
  • Rewards for TOP 3 Christmas Socks Collectors will be distributed within 14 days.

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