Into the Planet Sandbox Metaverse — Planets Reveal pt.1

Comes after the main storyline is the introduction of Planet Sandbox’s in-game landscapes.

Planet Sandbox is an ultimate NFT sandbox game that powers players with limitless building tools to customize their own worlds, and can sell or rent the land as a business to earn passive incomes. Therefore, creative landscape building is one of the core excitements of the game.

🎉 Wait no longer! Planet Sandbox is revealing our in-game Planets. On such beautiful landscapes with unique attributes and stories, players are invited to let their creativity take off and build the sandboxes of their dreams. The sky is the limit — Feel free to infinitely customize your territories and earn incomes from them.

Planet #1: Toxic Waste Land — The Once-Great Metropolis

Once a prosperous industrial planet centered around Paragon mining, the planet was populated and a hot target of all human forces. Back in the days, The USF allocated state-of-the-art mining facilities on its land, most of which were destroyed during the war. The active Paragon exploitation in the past also led to severe environmental destruction that lasts to this day. Highly polluted atmosphere, the devastation of the brutal conflict — all of that turned the land into a dead world. However, the scattered remains of Paragon — which is now Pulvis as a less concentrated form yet still powerful — are all over its soil, making it a golden mine for scavengers.

Planet #2: Mountain Land — The Untouched Hideout

Little is known about this planet. A mysterious planet in the outer rim of humanity’s protection during the peak of the crusades. It remained intact since no war was fought on its soil. Curiously, 3 private expedition fleets were sent for a scouting and settling mission. All of them went MIA. The planet has become a notorious criminal hideout that awaits to be explored and conquered.

There are still more Planets in the metaverse to be revealed, so please stay tuned. Spoiler: Planet Sandbox is going to host a contest relating to these planets, so make sure you “study” the lands carefully enough to win prizes! 😉🧐

About Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is the ultimate third-person NFT sandbox game that powers players with limitless building tools to customize their own worlds and design game modes. The land will become a business which the owner can sell or earn passive income through the renting system. Aside from the builder function, players can enjoy the excitement of Multiplayer mode when participating in games. Choose your favorite sandbox, and compete with others, in intense fighting games such as death-match, hunting prop… to earn prizes. The beta version is expected to be released this November.

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