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2 min readSep 19, 2022

Dear PSB supporters, we are thrilled to announce the Planet Sandbox Referral Program is now available! Share your referral codes/links with your friends and family to enjoy $PSB bonus for the participation of new players. Let’s explore the details about this amazing program below!

How does the Referral Program work?

The referral program is a system that incentivizes previous gamers to recommend Planet Sandbox to their friends. When joining Referral Program, both previous gamers and new gamers will be rewarded. Let’s follow this guideline to get rewarded.

  1. Login into the Planet Sandbox ( Instruction for login)
  2. Get the referral codes/links
  3. Send your codes/links to your friends, family, and beloved ones
  4. Meet the following requirements to be counted as a successful invitation:
  • Invite your friends to play Planet Sandbox, and they need to purchase at least one mystery box and earn at least 100 $PSB.
  • Each account only links to a wallet.
  • Each account only gets 1 Referral Code.
  • When your friends finish purchasing at least one mystery and earning at least 100 $PSB, you will be considered as successfully inviting your friends.

5. Yay, both you and your friends will get rewards from PlanetSandbox. Keep reading this article for the rewards mechanism!

Reward Mechanism

- The players who successfully invited their friends will receive the number of $PSB according to the above image.
- The players who are invited and completely finished the requirements will be rewarded 150 $PSB.

In short, joining this referral program is a great chance to boost your earnings when playing Planet Sandbox. What are you waiting for? Let’s download PlanetSandbox and start your earning journey right now!


Planet Sandbox is a physics-powered NFT sandbox shooting game that allows players to build and own arenas to fight other players in different game modes using their own NFT weapons and accessories.

Aside from playing the game, Sandbox owners can customize their land with limitless building items and design game modes for others to join and play. The land will become a business where players can earn passive income.

Powered by the $PSB and $PULV tokens, Planet Sandbox has created multiple play-to-earn opportunities within their Metaverse.

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