Planet Sandbox — Be the builder of your own world with this 3D NFT game

Introducing a play-to-earn game that allows player to monetize their experience through various game features such as building mode, in-game quests and trading NFT items

Planet Sandbox
2 min readAug 15, 2021


Planet Sandbox is the biggest physic sandbox game on blockchain technology. Players can build and custom their own unique sandbox world with limitless built-in items, as well as participate in multiple gaming quests such as combat and racing in other Land owned by real-life players or with NPC.

Below are a sneak peak of our game play:

Building mode

This is one of the core functions of the game. When the player first enters the game, they will be provided a Builder Tool to customize basically every object in their own universe. For example, they can alter the geographical characteristics of the sandbox such as landscape, weather and gravity. Many more features namely Building, Furniture and NPC are available for the players to manifest the maximum potential of creativity. Once created, the Owner of Land can set game rules for games such as combat, zombie mode or racing inside the sandbox and invite other players to participate in these games. All Published Land can be traded or leased to earn in-game currency.

Multiplayer mode

Join in your friend’s sandbox or other players’ to play games. Things start to get exciting because every Land has an unique set of rules announced by the Owner. There are some preset game modes:

  • Deathmatch: shooting game with weapons
  • Treasure hunting: finding the hidden items and avoid dangerous NPC
  • And many more..!

Players is rewarded with NFT items and tokens.

PvE mode

Role-playing to compete with diverse NPC and win the prize. All the NPC are NFT items and AI-controlled. Players can select the level of difficulty to complete the mission. Some built-in PvE mode:

  • Tower defense: protect your base from NPC such as zombies or invasion soldiers
  • Racing: compete with NPC, avoid the obstacles and be the first to arrive

Feeling excited yet? Here is our trailer:

Game release schedule

Launching August 2021, Planet Sandbox will first come in Web version. Other platforms of Mobile and PC will be release in near future. Extremely attractive rewards will be available for early adopters, so make sure that you attentively follow us on Social Media to not missing out on exciting news and events.

Our Roadmap

Who founded Planet Sandbox?

Planet Sandbox is developed by The Minders Studio -a passionate and professional team in blockchain technology & game development. Our vision is to bring the best game experience to player.

Connect with us


Telegram: @planetsandbox

Twitter: @planetsandbox




Planet Sandbox