Planet Sandbox reveals comprehensive Game Economy!

As an ambitious play-to-earn game, Planet Sandbox places equal focus on bringing top-notch gaming experience and a sustainable passive income earning system. Therefore, we have put a lot of research and efforts into designing a Game Economy that would bring you great fun along with significant financial benefits. We’re excited to finally present that to you all today!

Planet Sandbox’s Game Economy

Roles of Players

Planet Sandbox’s ecosystem will have different types of players, but all will have their own mechanism to benefit from the game.

Land Owners

Land Owners have the ultimate freedom to build and design their own territory. Not only that, you are also capable of determining the maps and game modes on your lands. Let your creativity run wild and create battlefields that attract a ton of players. The larger your participant counts, the more incomes you generate!

Shop Owners

If you are a Shop Owner, you can sell in-game consumables such as ammunition (for players’ guns), gasoline (for players’ vehicles) and earn great profits from the sales.

Warriors/ Players

For individuals with limited initial investment, you can join the game as a warrior, participate in PvE/ PvP game modes, and beat other opponents to receive rewards! You can also receive game incentives through the quest system, leaderboard, daily logins and loot boxes.

NFTs Ecosystem

The main categories of Planet Sandbox’s NFTs system include:


Lands and Shops.


You can purchase these NFTs and become Land Owners and Shop Owners — two powerful roles in Planet Sandbox’s metaverse who will earn huge and stable incomes from the game.


Weapons, Vehicles and Mystery Boxes.

Powerful Weapons
Cool Vehicles
Valuable Mystery Boxes

To participate in exciting and well-rewarded game modes of Planet Sandbox, you would need to grab yourself deadly weapons and vehicles to transport on the lands. Don’t skip on the mystery boxes as well — try your luck to receive several rare NFT items that cannot be purchased directly!

Note: Planet Sandbox’s NFTs will be available on our partners’ marketplace. Please stay tuned for upcoming NFT sales!!



$PSB tokens are used to buy NFTs, including Lands, Shops, Guns, Vehicles and Boxes.


$PULV tokens are used to buy in-game consumables (bullets & gas) to participate in game modes.

Note: All in-game incentives will be in $PULV and NFTs.

About Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is the ultimate third-person NFT sandbox game that powers players with limitless building tools to customize their own worlds and design game modes. The land will become a business which the owner can sell or earn passive income through the renting system. Aside from the builder function, players can enjoy the excitement of Multiplayer mode when participating in games. Choose your favorite sandbox, and compete with others, in intense fighting games such as death-match, hunting prop… to earn prizes. The beta version is expected to be released this November.

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