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4 min readApr 13, 2022


-April 13th,2022-

In this article, we will cover an overview of the token utility of the platform and how this impacts the game world. Know more about Planet Sandbox here and check out the whitepaper.

Planet Sandbox is going to implement a dual token system: $PSB and $PULV. It’s a successful token design that has been used to significant effect by multiple successful projects, and we are confident that it will give our community the best value.

Let’s dive right in and discuss these uses of the first one: $PSB


$PSB token inherently possesses several essential utility functions. Among its many properties, the most powerful one is that it can be seen as the governance token, the key for you to assist and direct the future of Planet Sandbox.

  • In-game transaction, Buy Legendary Boxes and exclusive NFT items.

Users can use $PSB to purchase/sell mystery boxes with high rarity to get legendary weapons or champions.

  • Stake to earn up to 32,46% APR

Our staking program is audited by CertiK — a leading firm in blockchain security. There are four staking pools; each has a different committed staking duration: 15 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 365 days. The APR, minimum & maximum staking limit per user and pool cap of each pool is also different. Please refer to this table for details:

📍 Visit our staking program:

  • Upgrade NFT items

Players can upgrade the strength of their weapons and NFT characters by spending $PSB to have a better-earning chance.

  • Access Premium Features

Players can spend $PSB for several premium features such as buying VIP Tickets, Gold Battle Pass, and Purchasing Skin (Coming Soon).

  • Participate in DAOs

Each user can use their tokens for accessing the DAO vote system.

The second token is $PULV — a BEP 20 BSC token. This $PULV is a game facilitator token and plays many crucial parts in-game.

  • Earn in-game activities

Players will receive $PULV for their participation in the play-to-earn battle.

  • Buy normal or epic boxes

$PULV is used for purchasing normal or epic boxes on the marketplace

  • Upgrade items

Players can also spend $PULV to upgrade their weapons/skins for better in-game stats.

  • Refill earn battle

After playing out of the earn battle, instead of purchasing new boxes, players can use $PULV to reset their NFT and refill the earn battle.

About Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is a physics-powered NFT sandbox shooting game that allows players to build and own arenas to fight other players in different game modes using their own NFT weapons and accessories. Powered by the $PSB and $PULV tokens, Planet Sandbox has created multiple play-to-earn opportunities within their Metaverse.

Sandbox owners can customize their land with limitless building items and design game modes for others to join and play. The land will become a business where players can sell or earn passive income through the shop. The land system provides creators with various possibilities to build on diverse sceneries and landscapes such as Grass, Desert, Mountains, Toxic Wastelands, the Arctic, etc. Eventually, the game will include other planetary environments.

Aside from the builder tool, there are Multiplayer game modes that allow players to choose their favorite sandbox and compete with others in intense fighting games (such as deathmatch and hunting prop) to earn prizes.

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