PlanetSandbox released Mobile Beta Version in December 2022

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3 min readDec 30, 2022

Dear PlanetSandbox community, for the forthcoming announcement, we’re delighted to announce that the Mobile Beta Version has been released. Players will be able to download the APK file after finishing the submission form.

As expected to arrive in Q4. 2022, the Mobile apk version of PlanetSandbox was released on 29th December 2022 alongside most of the features from the latest PC version, which was launched earlier this month.

This APK version is in Beta Phase even though players can still use the NFTs to play and earn, here are the following features that are available in this mobile apk version:

  • Classic Battle Royale — Survival mode: The mobile version is quite similar to the PC version, so players will be immersed in the classic Batte Royale mode to fight against others.
  • Map: Meadow Land is available in this apk version. The Desert map will be implemented soon.
Champion Rose is on Meadow Land — The first battle royale map.
  • Newly Updated Feature: Collections, Boosters, Fragments, Supply Boxes, and so on.
Supply Box is available in the mobile version
  • Separate Server: Mobile version is currently not available to play with the PC version.
  • Christmas Tournament — Gear up & Earn: Players can join the Christmas Tournament (Daily login, Christmas Missions, Socks Collectors) by participating in both PC and Mobile versions (The data leaderboard and rewards will be synchronized)
Missions in Christmas Tournament — Gear Up & Earn
  • NFTs Utilities: All NFT utilities are available in the mobile version. For instance, upgrade, reset, play & earn.
  • A significant update for the in-game HUD: HUD has been simplified for a better user experience and will be polished more in the future.
  • Aim-Assists & Auto Open Scope: Improve the accuracy when shooting and Auto Open Scope Option in settings (This feature is in the final progress and will be updated soon)
  • Champions Polishing Model: Rivo, Henry, Chiyo, and Mia 3D models are being improvised.

All the listed features are parts of the beta version, and will be progressively improved in the development plan. Also, the PlanetSanbox team eagerly seeks more feedback from users to bring out the most outstanding game experience.


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System Requirement (In Optimization)

  • System Recommend for Android (Samsung Galaxy S10)
  • OS: Android 8.0
  • Chip: Snapdragon 855 / Exynox 9825
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Available Storage: 2 GB

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