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3 min readDec 16, 2022

For this Festive Season, PlanetSandbox has released a New Christmas Version which includes a variety of improvements in gameplay, game experience, and features. Let’s see what we have in this update!

1. New Map Release: Desert

A high view on a rocky canyon in the Desert

An abandoned Special Economic Zone placed in Mirage - A strategic jungle planet. It was used as Lord Dukan’s command center against the USF during the civil war. The USF rained massive firebombs as retaliation, burning the entire jungle into an inhabitable desert. Its climate just recently recovered enough for the time-consuming terraforming process.

Mostly rocky canyons and deserts reach the sky, embraced by sandstorms and a hot environment bringing you intense and heart-breaking moments while competing with other players.

Watch the Desert Map Overview here

2. New Random Map Match Making System

Along with the first map, the Desert Map is promised to bring a lot more fun and excitement for players when joining the battle royale. You will be randomly opt-in either in Meadow Land — First Map in Planet Zephr or The Desert in Planet Mirage.

3. Captain Rivo — Update Remastered Model

New Remastered Captain Rivo in 2D Art

Captain Rivo — an Uncommon Champion — is remastered in this version. With the purpose of humanizing Rivo from a champion with bestiality, PlanetSandbox game design team has successfully updated Rivo’s visual in 3D gameplay. Try it out now!

4. New Christmas Features — Daily Login and Event Quest System

In order to increase the game’s magnetism to attract more users in this Festive Season, PlanetSandbox released new 2 features for Christmas Event: Daily Login and Event Quest System.

With the Daily Login, you’ll be able to get more rewards to use in battles, that’s going to help you to gain more opportunities to earn and win.

Daily Login System on Christmas Eve

Finish missions in the Christmas Event Quest System to get more and more rewards

Christmas Event Quest System

We will announce official information about this Christmas Event soon, stay tuned!

5. Visual Updates Champion 3D : Rivo, Henry, Chiyo, Mia and Login Interface

Along with the remastered Rivo, the other 3 champions, including Henry, Chiyo, and Mia, are also polished in terms of 3D models.

New Login Interface in-game client

6. Game Improvement

As we mentioned before, our development progress is always aligned with improvement. In the new version, we resolved some collider issues that caused stuck when playing the game.

You can now try the new version by re-launching the Launcher. In case you haven’t had the launcher, download here:

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