Scorpion — A young warrior with the mission of shielding his clan from the evils

Scorpion is from Africa, where paragon fuel is thick on the ground. In his community — it was formerly known as Bedouin, where brave men played an essential role as mighty warriors in ensuring the safety of the residents and their surroundings.

Scorpion’s father, Shiza, was a vigorous leader in his village. Shiza was a venerable leader, and no tough intruder dared to enter Bedouin under his watchful eyes. Shiza was a personification of bravery, intellect, and perseverance. The leader resisted many difficulties and dangers to maintain peace and prosperity. After a Paragon mine was discovered in Bedouin , the land became a target for unwelcome miners. Knowing the devastating effect of Paragon harvesting to the land, Shiza had to defend the village and its vital fuel supply.

Many armed occupations of the mine were blocked thanks to the local militia. Up until a massive expedition tried to negotiate the right to Paragon mining in return for the preservation of the environment. However, a woman from the expedition — fell in love with Shiza. She tried to warn the leader about the true intention of her group. The expedition was planning to fund an armed insurrection to replace a more favorable leader. They married and gave birth to Scorpion during the time. Despite the effort and preparation, it was impossible to hold the heavily armed opposition. Shiza and his wife fell during the fight.

Scorpion learns about his parents from the tale of his grandmother. During the chaos, she, with other survivors, was able to carry him to safety. Named after his formal tribe’s guardian, the scorpion, he vowed to shield his clan from evils. Similar to this deadly animal, the young warrior mastered desert combat. His demeanor is akin to that of a courageous and responsible creature. Scorpion likes traveling and living in the great outdoors. Now, as a strong warrior, He is planning to return to his birthplace and undo the injustice that has been brought to his parents. His appearance in Planet Sandbox is one step of his retribution.

About Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is the ultimate third-person NFT sandbox game that powers players with limitless building tools to customize their own worlds and design game modes. The land will become a business which the owner can sell or earn passive income through the renting system. Aside from the builder function, players can enjoy the excitement of Multiplayer mode when participating in games. Choose your favorite sandbox, and compete with others, in intense fighting games such as death-match, hunting prop… to earn prizes. The beta version is expected to be released this November.

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