Supply Box — New Feature Update

After months of planning and implementation with the aim of increasing game experience and magnetism, PlanetSandbox finally released its newest features in December 2023. For the December big updates, there’s a huge improvement in gameplay, also with the 3 big features: Fragment, Booster, and Supply Box.

New Feature — Supply Box

Supply Box Feature Overview

A brand new feature that gives players more opportunities to get in-game rewards, including tokens, boosters, fragments,… and many more.

Every player finishing the match has a chance to get a supply box. After completing a battle, You can potentially get the supply box without any conditions. This means you DON’T need to use an NFT to be able to get the supply box. This is our significant movement with the go-to-market strategy, which is to dominate not only web3 but also traditional gamers.

Supply Box Mechanism

There are 3 rarities of supply boxes, iron, silver, and gold, with a specific rate of dropping tokens or in-game assets such as PSB tokens, fragments, and boosters. The higher rank you get, the more chance to gain valuable rewards.

After accumulating the supply boxes, there is a cooldown time to be able to open the boxes. The rarer supply boxes have a longer waiting duration. Players can use $PSB for rushing and skipping this cooldown period.

The time for the supply boxes.

There’re two slots for free, and if you want more supply boxes in your storage, you can use $PSB to unlock the 3rd and 4th slots. Slot 5th is for the players who join our battle passes (this feature is in the development plan).

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