Dear community,

As the first week of the Testnet Championship came to an end, we have acquired 300+ users playing the game.

However, our anti-cheater has detected some cases that cheat on the leaderboard by boosting each other points. In fact, the purpose of Planet Sandbox Testnet Championship is to create an event for the community to experience our Testnet Version and have a prize for encouraging everyone to join our game. Therefore, all cheating activities will not be accepted!

  • List of users who are available to receive the rewards in week 1 ( May 30 — June 05):

1. AnonymousAce
2. TeloS___
4. srMasooooon
5. iDoYourHomeWork

We will send USDT to your wallet account that you logged into the game by Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

  • These users are not available to receive rewards in week 1 ( May 30 — June 05):

2. LE0240903
3. Minhhieu
4. CaptSunX8
5. Subaruok

  • Reason: Cheating by
    - Boosting each other points (fast finish)
    - All matches time is around 1–2 minutes
    - Lack of damage and kills

These actions occurred in more than 90% of their total matches, so we find it is not fair for our community.

Once again, we will not accept any cheating activities to gain the prize illicitly, so please be aware that you should play in a legal way.

If you have any problems please DM Telegram @hiimpanda3195 for more support.



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