The first Planet Sandbox INO on DarePlay — Limited special opportunities !

What are Planet Sandbox NFT Mystery Boxes?

For detailed info about guns:

Each weapon has its level of rarity, stats like damage, fire rate, and special skill. The top-notch NFTs you can ever find in the market to date!

What benefits can you get when possessing Planet Sandbox’s NFT Boxes?

  • Limited special pricing means it will be lower than the actual price when the game launched
  • Be able to own and carry higher tier weapons into Survival PvP Mode
  • Sell NFT weapons from opening boxes on the marketplace
  • Rent Gun to other people in Planet Sandbox game
  • Higher chance to win the battle and reach the top leaderboard. Get a huge reward in rank events in the future.

INO Structure

There will be 1,500 Planet Sandbox’s Boxes that will be sold at the price of 0.2 BNB each on DarePlay. The accepted currency is BNB.

INO Pool for $DNFT holders (750 Boxes)

As we’ve listened to the community thoughts on our INO Tier Rule, we have made the rule clearer and decided to not put in the specific number of boxes that buyers in each Tier can buy. Instead, the pool will be sold based on lottery system.

INO Pool for $PSB holders (450 Boxes)

The pool will be sold based on lottery system. The rule for the pool for $PSB holders is similar to which of Pool for $DNFT holders.

INO Pool for the community (300 Boxes)

FCFS-based. Those who come early with get the boxes

About Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is the ultimate third-person NFT sandbox game that powers players with limitless building tools to customize their own worlds and design game modes. The land will become a business which the owner can sell or earn passive income through the renting system. Aside from the builder function, players can enjoy the excitement of Multiplayer mode when participating in games. Choose your favourite sandbox, and compete with others, in intense fighting games such as deathmatch, hunting prop… to earn prizes.The beta version of this game is expected to be released this November. To keep yourself updated and learn more about Panet Sandbox, please follow their channels:



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