Update Weapon Upgrade Mechanism on 1st November — Halloween discount up to 25%

Dear PSB community,

After 2 months of launching Mainnet, we will have some adjustments in-game to balance the game economy. The changes will take effect from 1st November 2022.

On top of that, to celebrate Planet Sandbox’s 1st Anniversary and the Halloween festival there will be a discount on the current NFT Upgrading Fee up to 25% from 27th Oct to 31st Oct. After the day, the new fee will apply. Let’s dive into the detailed information in this article.

  1. Up to 25% Off For The Upgrade Fee | Only from 27 Oct to 31 Oct
  • Description: The discount on the weapon upgrade fee will be applied for all current NFT weapons to encourage gamers to mark their name on the leaderboard of cake collectors and celebrate Planet Sandbox’s 1st Anniversary and the Halloween festival.
  • Time: Oct 27th — Oct 31st, 2022
  • Details:
    - Upgrade fee for weapons from level 1 to level 5 will be discounted by 20%
    Upgrade fee for weapons from level 6 to level 10 will be discounted by 25%

2. Weapon Upgrade Mechanism Adjustments

From 1st Nov 2022, there will be changes to the weapon upgrade fee to balance the economic model. It’s expected that the new upgrade fee will be increased from 30 to 50%. These adjustments will be updated in the next version!

All in all, let’s enjoy the celebration of Planet Sandbox’s one-year journey and the Halloween festival, stay tuned for the upcoming fantastic things. PSBers, have you logged in to the game recently? Don’t miss the mysterious surprise!


Planet Sandbox is the ultimate physics-powered sandbox shooting game. You can compete with other players in intense fighting game modes (such as deathmatch, battle royale, and props hunting) to earn by using your own NFT weapons and accessories.

Aside from playing the game, Sandbox owners can customize their land with limitless building items and design game modes for others to join and play. The land will become a business where players can earn passive income.

Mainnet Version is live now, and Planet Sandbox provides a diversity of NFT items to use in plentiful game modes that allow players to play2earn and comfort them in their recreational time.

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